I started writing poetry as a teenager. Writing gave me a place to vent, process, and express myself. Reading at open mics led to slamming and performing regularly, and before I knew it, poetry had become part of my career path. I have found there is great validation and empowerment in being witness to ones own life through capturing it in poetry. For me, writing from a place of authenticity and transparency creates space for healing — both personal and communal.

Guest Poet, Wanderlust Festival, Whistler, Canada

“Gina Loring is one of the best poets of her generation. Her words are rich with humor, rage and rhyme. Her voice is original and brave. Her heart is on fire.”

Eve Ensler, playwright/activist, author of The Vagina Monologues

Opening Ceremony, Wanderlust Festival, Whistler, Canada

“I so admire this young lady, a poet and vocalist who is destined to speak power and bring form to the 21st Century.”

Tim Reid, Actor/Director and founder of the Legacy Media Institute, VA.

Poetry feature in Leimert Park, Los Angeles

“Gina served as the keynote speaker for our 3rd Annual Multicultural Student Leadership Conference. She did an amazing job and the students thoroughly enjoyed her performance as well as her story. She brought us a breath of fresh air and much inspiration. We would love for her to come back again.”

Yvania Garcia-Pusateri, Director of Diversity Affairs, Miami University, Ohio



Performing in Perm, Russia
“Dancing on Hurt Feet” poetry stage show with Aja Monet and Jaha Zainabu, produced by Eve Ensler. Culture Project Theatre, NYC
Poetry reading in Tunisia


I’ve been singing since I could talk! I used to play “concert” and perform for my stuffed animals, singing into a hairbrush. There was never a time I didn’t know I’d grow up to be a performer.  It was as much a part of me as my breath. As a teenager, I fell in love with artists like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Marley, Otis Redding, Nina Simone, Sade — and I knew I wanted to make music that moved people. When songs come through, my goal is to be a clear vessel for the creativity seeking to be revealed and tune into the vibrational pull of my purpose as an artist.

Studio session in Los Angeles


“Did you ever see a dream singing? Well, I did … she’s Gina Loring.”

Norman Lear,  Iconic TV/Film producer/writer


Guest Performer, UC Santa Cruz
Musical Guest, IndieSoul Concert Series, Los Angeles

“We had been told by our colleagues in other countries that Gina was an excellent performer and that she had a unique connection with young people, but even so, we were not prepared for just how good she was when she came to the UK to do a program for us. She generated fantastic enthusiasm because not only did shesing, perform and read poems, but she related her own artistic excellence to their own lives.  She is a true star, and I am quite sure she will be back!”

– Susan Wedlake, American Embassy United Kingdom

Performing in Yekaterinburg, Russia
Recording in Studio City, Los Angeles
Featured performer at the Temple Bar, Santa Monica



When I teach poetry workshops, my goal is to set a tone where people feel comfortable enough to uncloak the superficial layers and speak from their core through writing. Sometimes all it takes is a safe space to be vulnerable and it opens the flood gates. Often, workshops become a therapeutic experience where participants tune into something they’ve been needing to look in the eye. It is a powerful thing to witness when heaviness transmutes to levity by releasing it through poetry.

African American Policy Forum’s Breaking Silence Arts and Activism Camp

“Having Gina Loring at our festival was such a gift!  Her overall presence was a beautiful addition to our offerings, her workshops were a success, and her poetry tapped into an emotional space within our attendees that was nothing short of transformational.Thank you, Gina!”

Jennie Witt, Music and Art Programming Manager, Wanderlust


Teaching workshops in Derry-London Derry, Ireland

“I can highly recommend Gina for her abilities, instant connection to participants, and also her professionalism. She was great! Very easy to work with. If you program her you won’t be disappointed.”

 Deborah MacLean, American Embassy Denmark

With Students in London, UK
Poetry workshop in Athens, Greece
Poetry workshop in Togo, West Africa
With Students in Kuwait City, Kuwait


Since my first visit to juvenile hall nearly a decade ago as a volunteer workshop facilitator withInside Out Writers (IOW), working with incarcerated teens has deeply resonated with me. I also work with organizations that empower women and girls, specifically those transitioning out of sex trafficking. Like many of my students, I grew up in a single parent home and had limited family resources. I see myself in each and every one of the youth I work with – the only difference is I was exposed to education and the arts in a way that provided me an outlet. As the saying goes, “There but by the grace of God go I.”

Guest Poet, “Empowered Girl” human trafficking awareness event

“As the writing program director, I have had the pleasure of witnessing Ms. Loring teach and engage with the young men and women incarcerated in the Los Angeles juvenile hall system on many occasions. Her longstanding dedication to our program and the young people we serve has left an impression on both the hearts and minds of  her students and colleagues.”

-Mindy Velasco, Writing Program Director, Inside Out Writers

Guest Artist, People Power Convention – Hammer Museum Los Angeles

“Gina Loring has held spoken word workshops for several years at our annual empowerment conference for young victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. The young ladies connect with Gina instantly as a role model and teacher. She shares her unique gifts and inspires them to boldly and fiercely express their experiences. She creates an awesome dynamic of support and teamwork while also working with them one-on-one honoring their unique expressions and developing styles. Gina is highly recommended byNola Brantley Speaks!”

-Nola Brantley, CEO, Nola Brantley Speaks

African American Policy Forum’s #SayHerName event, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

“For the past four years, I have observed Gina participate and interact with our detained youth at an annual empowerment conference for girlsidentified as sexually abused and/or victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Gina is an integral part of this conference — she not only brings the girls together to interact and get along with one another, but she has the ability to take words from their hearts and thoughts and turn them into art pieces, poems, and songs so the audience knows exactly what they are feeling. This talent of Gina’s does not go unnoticed because every empowerment conference there are tons of youth wanting to sign up for her workshop and work hard on crafting their written pieces with her guidance. Through my experience as a clinical social worker, I am aware of how art becomes a catalyst for healing and letting things go. Gina helps these youth heal through her art form in a healthy, positive and productive manner. She is definitely an asset to our workshops and we are so very grateful for the energy she brings every year to each conference.”

Myla Lampkin, LCSW, Mental Health Clinical Supervisor for the Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles County

One Billion Rising’s VDAY event, Atlanta, Georgia
Peaceful protest march, New York City


“I have observed Ms. Loring’s rapport with students: they respect her. One student said, “She is very encouraging and respectful,” and another mentioned, “She stated what was expected and made me feel very comfortable submitting my work and stating my views in class discussions.” I highlight these comments because they for me comprise the essential elements of an excellent instructor: respect for students, transparency in statement of expectations, and the establishment of a safe and respectful learning environment.”

-Holly Bailey-Hofmann, Language Arts Department, West Los Angeles College

With Students in London, UK
Guest lecturing in Manchester, UK