The simple guide above was created to give you the basics on systemic racism designed to oppress Black people in America. 


  • Q: How long will this take?
  • A: Less than 3 hours — basically the amount of time it would take for a yoga class and lunch with a friend. 
  • Q: Do I have to do it all at once?
  • A: Nope.
  • Q: Is this all I have to do to help eradicate racism?
  • A: No, but this is a good start. Understanding historical framing and the bigger picture of societal structure is a game changer. 


Like you, we want to help the human family heal from the deep wounds of racism, and we believe this simple guide is a great primer for a wide range of people. Gina, a poet and doctoral candidate, prepared the content, and Adriane, an activist and entrepreneur, put it all together. As Black women of mixed decent, we are committed to uplifting our communities and doing our part to move things forward. Teamwork makes the dream work, so welcome to the team!